What's included in the Free Standard Version?

      15 Classic avatars (View Avatars)
      30 Classic accessories (View Accessories)
      320×240 video recording
Features & Functions
Fix8 will analyze your expressions and movements during calibration to make avatar animation more accurate. To calibrate just make sure your face is in the center of the preview window, look into the camera, and click on the Calibration button – that's it!
When you click on the Gallery button, Fix8 will open a window showing all the avatars and packages you can download or purchase. The "My Stuff" tab contains avatars, accessories, and animated effects you already own.
Fix8 Modes
You've got options when it comes to Fix8ing. The default is Avatar Mode. This covers your whole video screen with the animated avatar and background. You may also select Big Head Mode, which places the avatars head on your shoulders, Accessory Mode, where you can play with the accessories and flash animations, or Video Mode which turns off avatars and accessories so you can see yourself normally.
Video & Picture Capture
With Video & Picture Capture, you can snap a picture of yourself or record video clips. Post them to blogs, share your creations with friends.
With the Window-in-Window button, you can choose to display or hide your camera window.
IM Integration
You can use Fix8 with live IM chat programs such as AIM or Yahoo Messenger. Before broadcasting in IM, just turn on the Fix8 Live Cam driver by clicking this button, then start your webcam session in your IM program, and your friends will will be able to see you as you Fix8!



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